Success  will never be a big step in the future,  success  is a small step taken just now.


The FUTURE can be MINED!

CryptoGold provides access to the future market of cryptocurrencies.

CryptoGold guarantees a first-class processing power - real lifetime mining for everyone! As part of the community, you can continue to benefit from outstanding career opportunities and top conditions. CryptoGold supports you in your entry into the future market of cryptocurrencies.

What is CryptoGold mining?

CryptoGold mining allows you to purchase shares in mining hardware without having to deal with complex hardware and software. We are a team of mining experts with connections to mining farms. The most basic requirement is economic viability, since mining only makes sense when it is profitable. We therefore utilize the power of large mining farms.

What does lifetime mining mean?

Your mining is active and the daily pay-outs are ensured for as long as the contract is profitable (meaning the pay-outs cover the running costs). In theory, this can last a lifetime but this is practically dependent on the level of complexity, the market prices of the digital currencies and the running costs. Should the practice become uneconomical because the variables just mentioned have changed (deteriorated), then the mining is discontinued.

There is no entitlement to delivery of the hardware!

How does the mining work?

It is very simple and quick! Your customer account is activated once we have received payment for your order. Your mining can begin from this point. You already specified BTC, ZCASH, DASH, LTC or ETH when making your order. Your pay-out is made to your personal wallet address for the respective currency.